At Victory Church, Missions isn’t just something that we do, but part of who we are trying to become, because it’s what we are called to do. Jesus told us to GO and we think He was pretty serious about that. We GO to share the love of Christ with those who have never heard, need to be reminded or just encouraged.  We believe we can have a great impact as we serve and build relationships locally and globally!

Whether its serving locally through Love Lancaster or globally through Go Global, doesn’t really matter. What matters, is that we DO SOMETHING.

“One person can’t do everything. But every person can do one thing. What’s your one thing?”

September 19, 2016 was a great night in the house as we celebrated together, how God used Victory Church to help others take their next steps locally and globally and look ahead to the global opportunities ahead of us in 2017. It was “Tres Magnifique!” If you missed it or just want to see it again, here is the service! Enjoy!