The Evening Program

The Leadership College Evening Program offers an experience for adults of all ages to grow in their own knowledge of the Bible, develop their personal leadership, and apply ministry principles to their everyday lives through classes on Monday or Tuesday evenings.


Leadership Courses are held on Tuesday nights at the Greenfield Campus of Victory Church and are designed for those who wish to grow in their knowledge of biblically-based leadership principles. These classes will help you grow in your leadership at home, in your business, and in your areas of influence. 

Spring Term 1 – February 2 – March 16 The Heart of Leadership
Spring Term 2 – March 23 – May 4 Leading When It’s Difficult (no class on Tuesday, April 6th) 

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Bible and Growth Courses are held on Monday nights and are designed for anyone who wishes to grow in various areas of their life as well as growing in their knowledge of the scriptures. Growth in our lives enable us to become more effective as we pursue our calling in life and helps us to represent Christ in an effective way.

Spring Term 2 – March 22 – May 3
(no class on Monday, April 5th)

Effective Communication for Your Faith
Church History 

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