Discover Your God-Given Potential in Christ

Growth Track guides you through three steps that equip you to discover your redemptive purpose and live the life God created for you. Every month, on the first through third Sundays, Growth Track is offered at each campus. The three steps allow you to hear the story and vision of Victory Church, learn how you can partner with Victory Church’s mission, and understand how God uniquely designed you to make a difference in the world around you.

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As Christians, we are commissioned to pick up our cross and follow Jesus. To do that, we must love and serve others as Jesus did. Growth Track provides a platform for you to discover a path to loving and serving others in a way that fits your God-given gifts. I had a basic idea of my spiritual gifts before going through Growth Track. Not only did it reinforce my spiritual gifts, but also revealed the numerous opportunities Victory provides to love and serve others. Putting a focus on spiritual design and following through with an action plan for loving and serving others was well worth my time. – Zach McCracken, Lititz Campus 

Leading Growth Track is an honor as I serve Jesus and our church community. I enjoy meeting new people and welcoming them into Victory Church. I love hearing their testimonies and being able to pray with them. It is a joy to see them serve in the church community. Relationships is what its’ all about – Relationship with the Heavenly Father, family and their community.  Growth Track helps them to grow and develop their passions. – Mary Liz Youtz, Columbia Campus

“Being involved with leading Growth Track has allowed me to use my gifts and desire to see others get involved and be included in having an impact in our community. I love seeing Growth Track graduates step into roles God has called them to at our campus. Becoming part of a Serve Team is so much more than serving the body, it is doing life with other believers and forming connections that God knew needed to happen.” – Dawn Mast, Ephrata Campus Growth Track Coordinator