August 6 – 26, 2023

Join us as we intentionally seek God through prayer!

about 21 days

Find out more about our 21 Days of Prayer service times, as well as how and why we prioritize this practice each year.

prayer resources

Download and follow along with Biblical models of prayer and personal prayer guides. Watch past messages about strengthening your personal prayer life to pray intentionally and more effectively.

Daily Videos on YouTube

Every day during 21 Days of Prayer will be sharing videos on social media + YouTube.

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About 21 Days

service times

Dig into God’s Word during 21 Days of Prayer by joining us on Sunday mornings during our Revival series.
Services are held every Sunday at all of our locations and online.

August 6
August 13
August 20

why prayer?

We believe prayer is one of the keystones in our journey with God. That’s why we start out each August with a focus on finding new purpose, effectiveness, and enjoyment in our lives through the practice of prayer. Check out our resources to learn how to strengthen your prayer life.

>> Prayer Resources



To help you create new habits during 21 Days of Prayer, we recommend using all of the resources available in the free YouVersion Bible app.

With their latest update, they now offer Daily Refresh. Daily Refresh curates timely and relevant Bible content in the Today tab of your Home Screen. As you complete Daily Refresh, you can track your progress for the day and add to your Daily Refresh Streak—the number of consecutive days you’ve completed your Daily Refresh.

Visit the YouVersion app

Prayer Resources

Prayer Guide

Use this guide to find a new level of purpose, effectiveness, and enjoyment in your prayer life.

Prayer Guide
Kids’ Prayer Guide

We want to lead our Kids well through this season as well! Check out this guide for some ways your kiddos can join you.

Kids' Prayer Guide
Worship Playlists

Use our handcrafted prayer and worship playlists as another way to get closer to God through prayer. You can listen on Apple Music or Spotify.

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Listen on Spotify


Watch our past messages and series on prayer.

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